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Thread: Your Backlinks

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    Your Backlinks

    Do you buy or generate your backlinks?

    I generate my own backlinks since buying my own backlinks will be kind of harder to keep track of where the backlinking services send my links to. I do blog comments and directory submissions to increase backlinks.

    What about you guys?
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  2. I usually buy my blog posts, posting services etc. For me, it's mostly a time thing, too much to do, too little time.
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  3. Well, I make my own backlinks only because I like working on my sites. But, Electron. It is very easy to keep track of your backlinks because must people provide a excel report after.


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    I usually don't buy any as I am not rich enough...yet.

  5. Not sure about buying. It's cheap to buy directory posting from someone since its really just data entry. But I haven't had much luck with blog posting purchases. Do they work for you?
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    Finding someone to post on blogs is difficult, as much as its difficult to find nofollow blogs. Wordpress comes with all comment links as nofollow, a special plugin has to be installed or core files have to be tweaked to change this so most people just leave their blogs as nofollow.
    And links from low PR(0-1) dofollow blogs are almost negligible..
    Comments being dofollow don't help in seo for that respective blog, so there are many factors considering blog comments and why they are difficult.

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