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Thread: Your best SEO advice in one sentence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firetown View Post
    "Don't try to beat Google. Beat the competition".
    That's two sentences.

    My best advice is in my signature, but that is also two sentences.
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    'Consistency is the key'

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    Consistently work but be patient.

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    in 1 sentence :: Content is King
    another 1 sentence :: Link is queen :P

    Now choose where you want to go

    Building lot of one way quality links from different resources can help you in serp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    That's two sentences.
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  6. in one word even: links!

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    "Targeting right keywords for your niches and using them in on-page and off-page factors"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolebeckett View Post
    "Make it interesting so people want to come back!"
    That was going to be mine, but also "Don't fill your site with Ads, people hate it"
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    Optimize your site not only for search engines but also for human visitors.

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