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Thread: Your Web Site Bounce Rate?

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    Your Web Site Bounce Rate?

    My website had a bounce rate of above 90% a month ago but I managed to bring it down to 70%. I know it's not good but I am working on it.

    Whats your website bounce rate?

    Do you think higher bounce rate means your site is not good and you should start worrying?

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    I have a bounce rate of over 30% on my website but I don't think that high bounce rate justifies anyone's website. Why?

    If a person is looking for some information, came to your website throug some Search Engine, got the info, and left - That doesn't mean he/she didn't like your website. Wikipedia or other information related sites will have higher bounce rate but that doesn't mean that these sites are not good. So, I disagree with this point.

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    My blog had approximately 70 % of bounce rate, amd I think it doesn't matter

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    My organice boucne rate is very high (above 70%) but bounce rate for traffic from other sources is nice and under 30%. So, I don't mind high bounce rate for organic searches but if it is happening for PPC searches, they you should start worrying.

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    That bounce rate can be so depressing, I know people that refuse to look at it for this reason. It's a ridiculous attitude, really, but I can understand it. I think what it is, they don't want to get discouraged.

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    If I use PPC ads to get traffic to my website, and the bounce rate is high. It really pisses me off. But that can be fixed easily by making some modifications to PPC campaign.

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    ProxB is at 74%, but that's normal when you have a site linking to other sites

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm sitting on about 54% and this has come down from over 70%. I'm quite pleased with the downward stat, it means my site visitors are viewing more pages.

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