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Thread: youtube marketing

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    Nope! I dont get any sales by using youtube marketing! I dont know why! I have a lot of people viewed the video but god I did not any sales . Maybe I'm just not lucky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by p1nk View Post
    I've never tried marketing through Youtube myself, but I have seen lots of people do it, & lots more paying people to do it for them, so it must be working right?
    If it wasn't, they would have all quit by now perhaps? I've never done it myself, I have this assumption that it would be too complicated to do.
    Same here, I myself also havenít used YouTube for marketing, itís too complicated.
    But if its work then why not trying YouTube for marketing; if people say it works then Iím sure it will work. Try using YouTube now itself.

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    If you focus on something fun people will want to share with friends. You should demonstrate the product youíre marketing and also make sure the video is real

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    Please encourage viewer participation and support and take advantage of YouTube tags moreover use adjectives to target people searching based on mood and match your title and description to the tags.

  5. Yes, I started posting videos on youtube a little over 2 years ago. During that time I have posted over 325 of my own home made videos. This sends my site a steady stream of targeted traffic.

    There is a lot more to the picture then just "youtube". There are a lot of leach scripts out there at pull youtube videos into websites. So you could post a video on youtube, and its likely to be pulled out by dozens of those leach sites.

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