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Thread: youtube marketing

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    youtube marketing

    there are many people who are getting thousands of visitors daily to their site by youtube.
    did u use youtube for marketing?

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    yes ofcource. Using youtube for a variety of site building purposes is a widely known aspect of internet marketing. youtube is viewed as a click happy environment where people may be happy to follow links to your website very easily.

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    well , you tube videos are a popular way to advertise your website, however the content of site is the ultimate drawing ability of the website, so although youtube is good to gain publicity, returning visitors are only gained by good content and google ranking

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    Actually,i have started doing marketing from last few days and i believe,we can drive lot of traffic from you tube!
    It is one of the most effective way to get unique visitors to our site!

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    youtube viewer mainly look for videos ,so maybe if the sites where they go to have related content, then they will be returning customers

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    never tried it, but it seems a good option since youtube is relaxed environment as you dont have to read! however getting the person to come back will require good content,i will put no video in it ,if my site uses youtube as primary marketing

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    Yes you can use youtube for you marketing campaign. I have lots and lots of people advertising their affiliate products/links in youtube.. As for me, yeah I use youtube mainly to get referrals for my programs...

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    I dont think so YouTube is best place of marketing, but i agree that this site has good traffic

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    I've never tried marketing through Youtube myself, but I have seen lots of people do it, & lots more paying people to do it for them, so it must be working right?
    If it wasn't, they would have all quit by now perhaps? I've never done it myself, I have this assumption that it would be too complicated to do.

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    its very good to use you-tube. it can offer many marketing tips but most of them are scams and the best would be ranked

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