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Thread: YPN V.S Adsense

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    YPN V.S Adsense

    I heard from people who use YPN that it is better than Google Adsense in terms of CPM. Is it true ?(I want to confirm it). My question can only be answered by a person who has experienced with both networks.
    comming soon

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    According to me , adsense would be more beneficial than YPN for you . Adsense services are better than YPN , also adsense payment system is faster .

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    Adsense is better in PPC and YP in CPM.
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    I have no experience with YPN at all but I can say that I am quite satisfied with adsense..Adsense is better than any other PPC company...

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    Adsense is top1 & i am satisfied with adsense, good ad revenue from adsense & great contact support. YPN is not good like adsense.

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