Hello guys!
We are happy to announce that our network adopted another list. It is a brand new list with no submissions and no users - true! But since it is one of our child networks, we are investing huge efforts and some cash to rise it off the ashes.
Please take a look at FPL functionality and modules. You may be pleased.

Free submission - no backlink required.
Paid submission - highlighted, $0.20 cents per day.
Free anchor link
Favorite module
Voting module
Fancy stats
And few more.
Be the first of those, who will face the future traffic. Build trust, gather votes and favs (auto). Our filters order proxies by these variables, so get listed as soon as possible.

URL: freeproxylist .US
Enjoy and good luck

PS. Of course, the price for highlighted listings won't remain the same, so book your place now.