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Thread: Free Email Blast - I need your proxies!

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    Free Email Blast (3.5k+ members) - I need your proxies!


    May 6, 2010: Hey guys, thanks everyone for helping me out with my proxy groups. This thread is huge, with this post being the 241's response. I'm glad that I've been able to help out so many people.

    However, as of today, the proxy lists have been sold and I will no longer be offering this service. Thanks again, Zash.


    March 8, 2010: 4000+ Subscribers!

    As of November 7, 2009, we now have more than 2400 subscribers looking for your proxies! This thread has hit more than 100 posts! Keep 'em coming!

    I send out 4 proxies per day, 5 days per week (weekdays) at 12 midnight. Email blasts continue to be free (I was planning on charging $NB for blasts, but changed my mind).


    Hey guys, my newsletter blast is starting to run out of proxies. I prefer not to get them from my proxy list, since I have posted it to my users as a backup in case proxies 'do not work'.

    Your proxy will be sent out to:
    Anonymode Proxy Network | Google Groups
    Fresh Web Proxies | Google Groups

    If you have ever used my newsletter before, please do not resubmit that proxy. I will probably remember if you don't. Proxies should be online during the blast, which is at exactly 3am GMT Mondays-Friday.

    Also, NO CO.CC and SUBDOMAINS. TLD domains are allowed only. Proxies should also not have excessive advertising, and should be moderately appealing to use.

    Thanks, and enjoy the free traffic

    Want to support my service? I would gladly appreciate it if you spent a few moments of your time to fill out a survey. Thank you!
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