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Thread: Free Proxy Blast!

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    Free Proxy Blast!

    Hello everyone.

    I have a Google Group which I would like to send your proxies to. I don't send out messages on the weekend (because those yield little traffic to your sites) and I will typically send out 1 message every day with no more than 10 proxies. I will blast your proxies to my group (everyone in it is active and interested in proxies, it's not some old group I dug up) for free! Just post your link in this thread. I would prefer if you did not PM me your links.

    Thanks everyone! Good luck with your proxies!

    Don't forget to submit your proxies to the proxy list in my signature for extra traffic, too!

    Edit: Forgot to mention - your proxies should be new and working!

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    here are my lates proxies

    Thanks for the blast

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    This is exactly what kept me from starting one of these threads a while back:

    I randomly picked a proxy here in this thread, and found: was created on: September 23 2009
    Domain age (approximately): 1 Months, 2 days..

    That's clearly not a fresh proxy. I'm trying to help you guys out and give you a free service, but I don't really appreciate people giving me links to proxies that are old and essentially useless!

    This one is even better: was created on: November 30 2006
    Domain age (approximately): 2 Years, 11 Months, 10 days..

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    i made this one on 25/10/09


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