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    Submit your proxies here.

    Site is new listed in google and I have advertised it in some forums and getting little traffic.
    Hopefully will get more traffic soon.
    At this time it does not have a page rank.

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    Thanks, going to submit some of mine.

    but are you getting traffic. otherwise just to get new proxy is not good for any list.
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    I have more than 100 posts in DP added a link to my signatures.
    I am requesting back links from people who submit to my list. I this way I hope to get some traffic. I am posting announcments to more forums. And As you know it is already listed in google.

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    Pagerank doesn't really matter for proxy lists, since most outbounding are as followed:
    Instead of the direct link, so it's not that owners would gain pagerank with your website

    It has a nice template from Jorge05r, good luck with the list -- and try some advertising on teen forums or email blasts

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Submission Received

    Thank you for your submission, it has been received.
    Once approved, your listing should be live within 24 hours.

    Please approve my proxy

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