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Thread: My Google! group wants proxies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vectro View Post
    @mintdanny and habaku: Your sites will go out on Monday. I haven't checked each one yet but whichever ones work will be included. Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming.
    Thanks, btw the new look of is fantastic!

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    I'm still accepting submissions this weekend for Monday's blast.

    Quote Originally Posted by xpleet View Post
    Please submit (another domain pointing to another server)
    This will be included.

    Quote Originally Posted by Habaku View Post
    Thanks, btw the new look of is fantastic!
    It's, but thank you

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    please include Sites Login

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    @mintdanny @Habaku @xpleet @Roundpi

    All of your proxies have been sent in the most recent blast.

    If anyone else has proxies I'll be accepting submissions throughout this week for next Monday's blast so keep 'em coming.

    As always, submit your proxy to x Proxy List with a backlink and be included in the blast for free.

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    Premium Directory :: PR4 Submit Your Link :: Best Product Review and Price Comparison Site One LD :: PR1 Directory

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    ^ Those will all be added on Monday. Please keep them coming.

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    All of the most recent proxies have been blasted.

    If anyone has any more proxies they want included in my next free blast, please add them here throughout the week. They will be sent on Mon. Feb. 1.

    Maximum 10 proxies per person per week.

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Please send mine

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    The latest ones have been sent out. Looks like it was a slow week for submissions.

    If anyone else wants to add their proxy sites here, please go ahead. Even if you have already submitted it's OK to submit again as long as you don't suggest the same sites twice. The next e-mail blast will be on Mon. Feb 8.

    Still maximum 10 sites per person per blast.

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