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Thread: My new topsite -

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    My new topsite -

    lol, heavily promoting.

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    Cool, I see many submissions & low traffic though. Have you also 'heavily promoted' it on teenage forums etc?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Best Of Luck with your new site

    Will submit 1-2 mine site there once site start getting traffic..
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    Got to love webmasters who will not advertise on a new site.
    Even for free they will not do so.
    Say they will wait for the site to get more traffic, page rank, etc.

    Like my proxy list blog.
    So many won't list their proxy for free for the above reasons.
    Yet the list is randomized with each visit and they have an equal chance to get their proxy at the top of the list and get my visitors to use their proxies.

    Tell you, when I had proxies I would add them to every free proxy top site, groups, well just about anywhere I could if it was free.

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