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Thread: New Proxy List

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    Well, no.
    Did not hit 600 proxies, even now!
    Only have about 220 proxies listed.
    But then, I scour the list now and again and remove crap proxies and proxies no longer in business.
    Plus I do delete quite a few submitted because they are crap proxies or not even proxies.

    Do stop by and submit your proxy soon.

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    The proxies blog is still accepting proxies.
    FREE and no reciprocal link required.

    I cleaned up a bunch of proxies yesterday that either died out, no longer proxies or in two cases because porn sites!

    Getting good visitor count daily of people who do use the proxies shown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Each visitor and page refresh shows a different list of proxies.
    Yeas, I used a proxy server earlier that made me annoyed that when I signed in to the page, each time proxies become refreshed and my previous were become inactive. It was boring to keep lists update after visiting.

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    Your post makes no sense.
    What I said was, each visitor sees a different list.
    If you had actually gone to the blog, you would see that clicking on any of the shown proxies to use opens up a new tab(or window)!
    So there is not losing a list!

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    Sometime this week, I will be cleaning out the proxy list on this blog.
    That is, I will just delete all proxies and start anew!

    So much easier than constantly checking old proxies, etc. to make sure they work.

    I will let you know when I clear it out so you can submit your working proxies.

    Note though, I do not accept those proxies that use teeny, tiny fonts for all the reciprocal links.

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    Last night, removed all proxies.
    So much easier than going one by one to find those that were still proxies.
    Many of them were parked pages, or led to something else.

    Now accepting proxies.

    Submit your proxy site or sites now, still FREE....

    The Proxies Blog

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    I just re-submitted my proxy network.

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