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Thread: New Proxy List

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    New Proxy List

    New proxy list blog of mine.

    Had the domain and was going to use it for something about proxies, but instead made it a proxy list.

    You can submit your proxy free.
    Please, proxies only!

    Proxies Blog

    Thank you.

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    Surprising to me.
    Week after opening up, only got 50 proxies submitted.

    Am guessing a lot of proxy owners either do not want free exposure or just too lazy to submit.

    The proxy list shown on the blog?
    It is randomized with each view.
    So all proxies can show up anywhere, top to bottom.

    If I decide to keep this blog and not sell it off the end of this year, I will upgrade so that there will be paid options.

    Now, if you own a proxy or proxies, do go and submit it or them asap.

    Thank you.

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    I just submitted a bunch.

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    Just approved quite a few proxies.

    Thank you.

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    Just had to let all you proxy owners that this blog is still accepting proxies.
    Not proxy lists! Had to dump a few of those.
    And it is still free to submit your proxy.
    Though in January, I will be upgrading the plugin to have paid options.

    Now go to the proxies blog and submit your proxy or proxies.

    Thank you.

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    The Proxies Blog is still accepting proxies.

    Again, proxies only! No proxy lists accepted.

    And no proxies that use free domain services.

    the most popular proxies always submitted?
    google com (first) (second)

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    Only have 181 proxies on the list.

    Surely with the thousands out there, I can get it up to 500 easily in the next few weeks at most?

    Remember, it is free, not recip asked for.

    And the list is always randomly shown to each visitor.
    No list where the proxies are shown in order of submission.
    No list where the proxies are shown by usage.
    Nope, the list is randomized so every proxy has a chance at being shown at the top.

    Now if you have a proxy, or proxies, go submit them now.

    The Proxies Blog

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    There are over 230 proxies listed now on the blog with more added daily.
    Yes, it is free to submit your proxy.
    But only 25 of all proxies are shown randomly on the blog. Each visitor and page refresh shows a different list of proxies.
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    Weekly time to push this to the top.

    Still accepting proxies, and still letting them in free.

    If you have yet to submit your proxy, do so soon.

    Not quite 300 proxies now on this list.
    25 are shown randomly with each visitor and page refresh.

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    March 1st bump on this one.

    The proxies blog is still accepting proxy sites.
    And still free!

    So, I would love to have 600 proxies by the end of March!

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