I have made and customized a brand new proxy list, Unblocked Proxies.

It does not have any traffic right now, and I want to have a few proxies submitted before I begin advertising (so that users don't go to an empty site). The main section of the site is done (proxy list, submission pages, login pages, report system). All I have left to work on are articles, premium proxy submission, and a contact form.

I will be forwarding all three of my current proxy lists to this site (around 10k visitors a month), and it should rank well on Google for several search terms if I 301 redirect correctly I will also be actively promoting this site.

For a limited time, no linkbacks are required. This is to help raise the content of this site as I add new pages and gain more traffic.

Enjoy http://www.unblockedproxies.net

PS: If you find any errors or see something that doesn't look right, please let me know so that I can fix it ASAP.