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Thread: New Proxy list, need reviews

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    New Proxy list, need reviews

    hey guys
    I have just finished making a new proxy list website, it is still in super early beta phase so I dont expect it to be perfect.
    The URL is :

    Please submit your proxies, they will be added right away.
    If you encounter any problems please do let me know
    also I need suggestions and feedback to what I should add to make the website better.

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    Nameserver trace for

    • Looking for who is responsible for root zone and followed
    • Looking for who is responsible for com and followed
    • Looking for who is responsible for and followed

    Nameservers for


    The servers listed are working, but something else might have gone wrong. Your site isn't working.

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    Hi, You left out a w in your url so that links broken, but I can't access the site at the moment. Is it down or is it just me ?

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    its working for me just fine :s
    is B3Z Proxy working for u? its hosted on the same server
    if not, can anyone suggest me a good hosting website for proxies?

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    Not opening for me , also B3Z Proxy down
    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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    Works for me at the moment and looks good. Since it's new, you may want to turn off the backlink requirement for a few weeks.

    Since proxy lists don't use much bandwidth or resources, you may want to host it on more reliable normal hosting such as Hostgator, if you have one.
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    just changed hosts
    please try now

    thanks glypus for the suggestion, I will disable reciporal soon still working on a backend for this so have to change settings manually..

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    just made more updates to the websites including a page that shows a random proxy from the database and redirects to it
    any more suggestions guys?

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    Not working for me
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    what do you get?

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