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Thread: New Proxy List - Submit your Proxy NOW!

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    New Proxy List - Submit your Proxy NOW!

    Just put up this proxy list.

    Submit your proxy now.
    1. Free to submit.
    2. For now, no reciprocal needed.

    Gold Proxy List
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    Yesterday I cleaned out the list of proxies to remove dead ones, slow ones (those that took forever to load up) and those that norton red flagged.

    Still accepting good proxies.

    Still free to do so, but starting October 1st there will be a needed reciprocal link....
    So add them NOW!

    Paid options are very cheap!

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    Submit your proxy site or sites now to the Gold Proxy List.

    Reciprocal link is now in force.
    What I will do is for each new proxy submitted, and with the reciprocal link,
    is remove 2 of the bottom proxies.
    So if you have submitted your proxy already and it is on the list?
    At some point it will come off the list.
    Feel free to resubmit your proxy now with the reciprocal link.

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    Have removed the reciprocal link needed to submit your proxy.

    I cleaned out non-working proxies, and slow proxies, and dead proxies.

    Now is the time to submit your proxy site.


    Paid options are low at only $1 per month.

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    Okay, did it again in the past few days.
    Got rid of a lot of dead proxies, redirected urls, trash, and more.

    Did fix it so that I will remove proxies after one month.
    So you would have to check and resubmit if your proxy is no longer listed.

    Getting good visitors now.

    So stop by and submit your proxies.

    Best is to pay for being on the top!
    Heck, $1 for a month, $3 for 3 months?
    Too cheap but keeping it that way.

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