The day has now come where a backlink is required to submit a proxy to

All sites submitted with a valid backlink will be in a category which is displayed above the other proxies in the list. All proxies in the old "no backlink" category will be moved to the "backlink required" category gradually at a rate of around 10-15 proxies per day, starting with the most recently submitted first. This gives those who submitted a while ago more time to insert a link. Once in this category, those which do not have a backlink will be de-listed by the automatic backlink checker. Remember, you can get the benefit of the backlink now as these proxies will be listed above all of those without a link.

If you have already submitted to ProxyLister and have a backlink and/or want moving to the "backlink required" category now then please contact me with your proxy's URL by either PM on this forum or email

It will definitely be worth getting your site moved to this category. With almost 500 proxies listed, sends just over 2 hits per day to each proxy on average. I estimate less than 50 proxies surviving the backlink checking phase, so 15+ hits per day to each proxy on average is feasible.

See the FAQ page FAQ | for details on a compliant backlink.