Hey everyone! i was recently appointed moderator of apenex webmaster forums, which is a new webmaster foru, ok so anyway we have decided to start a web proxy list but with a twist, instead if a proxy script, we have a forum dedicated to proxies, and if you want a paid listing (not available yet) when our site is popular enough, we will sticky your post/thread , the reason we are doing this is it helps build up new members, and also people wo want to contribute towards the community, to use our top list there are 3 easy steps:

1. Head over to : Apenex Webmaster Forums • View forum - Proxy List
2. Register, you can also post as a guest but your post will have to be checked by a moderator where you will wait up to 6 hours! so if you register instant approval :P

2. after you have registered, take a look at the post about formatting, and create a new thread according to the formatting rules
3. if you like our community feel free to hang around and post, otherwise your done!

Please tell me if you added a proxy, and thank me if you like it