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Thread: ProxB Under New Management

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    I am working on an auto approve script for proxb
    your are growing rapidly, and i think this will help your lot of time.

    Best of luck for your bright future.
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    Who would also like to buy my site too?
    I have a nice rank on Google too for keyword free web proxy and free web procsy (over 13 millions web competitor)...
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    Yes that`s true...
    Web flipping business is more profitable than proxy business...
    I believe that Aquarezz can make another ProxB just in a few months...
    He already has the knowledge, SEO skill, & experience for it...

    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    if you earn 100$ from that site, and if someone offer you 2k$ for that then are you not get ready to sell. this is 20month earning and in next 20month you can new websites.
    I think aquarezz thought same like me.

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    Congrats to both parties in the transaction!

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    Thats great !! COngrats to both !!

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    Thank you guys!

    Contact me for bulk pricing, I am getting ready to start accepting bulk bids so please let me know!

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    BTW if you need a hand with auto accepting script, I can help you out. I ran a site with the same script proxb is on (, old and gone site) and it was setup to auto approve.
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