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    Proxy Blast

    I have two large proxy email groups totalling in 5000 users.

    I blast (1 email a day) your proxy for 2$ per blast; bulk discount is available.

    If your proxy is fresh you should see good results, I have also noted that other proxy lists publish my blasted proxies on their lists.

    This means there is multiplicator effect. On top of that will I send your proxy to a small number of minor email lists which also belong to me.

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    Review Copy

    I will give a review copy for 1$, which equals the amount of a TopBits submission.

    Anyone interested?

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    I'm interested send me info plz
    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrilledChicked View Post
    I'm interested send me info plz
    Semt you a PM Grilled Chicked.

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    Hi, I am interessted, can you send me some information?

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    If you can submit my topsite ill give an honest review if your still offering for a buck. im an analytics junkie
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