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Thread: Proxy List Blog

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    Okay, except for the empty submission, got them all approved and up on the blog.

    Slow on the uptake, but I just paid attention and found that each page view and page refresh randomizes all the proxies shown.

    Will answer your pm now.

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    pls send

    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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    Send what?

    You have to go to the blog and submit your proxy.

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    My proxy list blog is still slowly growing.
    Over 170 proxies now.
    ANd each time someone visits the blog, they see the list in a random order.
    Or a page refresh will do the same.
    So every proxy on the list has as good a chance as any other proxy to be near the top.

    Still free to submit your blog.

    Have yet to decide whether to get the upgraded plugin to have paid options.
    Is it worth it to have paid options?

    Plus I have another blog that is not live that will be about proxies, not like this blog in having just a proxy list.
    That one is pending on whether I sell off the domain name (which is super for having a proxy blog).

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