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Thread: Proxy Lista

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    Proxy Lista ( ex. ) is a spanish proxy list website. Unfortunately most proxy webmasters are not able to submit a proxy because they don't understand or don't want to search for the submission form.

    To submit a proxy click "Sugerir Proxy" in the menu.

    Link directly to the submission form:

    Currently the listed proxies are receiving good traffic because the competition is very low in the list. Since 1 month no proxy was submitted.

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    I see only blank page with this text You are using a proxy!
    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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    Are you trying to connect using a proxy ?

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    No, i'm not using any proxy,vpn or tunnel
    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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    you should translate that site to serbo-croatian

    since on list is named lista on our languages

    when I saw topic name I thought it is some domestic proxy list site

  6. I am getting the same problem as GrilledChicken

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    Everything works good at my side, going to submit proxies as soon as I restart building my proxy empire

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Should work fine now.

    It's in spanish because is the only international language besides english i understand.

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    Excelente trabajo y ojala de buenos resultados.

    First spanish proxy list website I've seen so I have to congratulate your for the idea! It might be a good idea for english proxy lists to have a proxy list in different languages and redirect them to such language based on their location using geo-ip

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    Thank you for all the good words.

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