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Thread: Proxy Supply .com - New Proxy Listing Site

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    Proxy Supply .com - New Proxy Listing Site

    Hey everyone. I have just launched a brand new proxy listing site. The URL for the site is:

    Proxy Sites - Proxy


    I have integrated this proxy listing site with the following twitter account:

    proxy sites (proxysites) on Twitter


    This account currently has 1,273 followers, and every new proxy site is sent out. The site is brand new so I'm still working on building a stable user base - but it's coming.

    I built up and, and both of those are a great success. You can expect this listing site to grow like those did.

    So go ahead, start submitting your proxies there.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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    Looks very awesome! What are you going to add in the top bar?

    - Aquarezz
    |Nico Lawsons

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    What top bar are you referring to? The menu? And thanks for the compliment on the look. It's a custom design I had put together.

    Initially it was going to be for the script, but then I tweaked it to work for Will's script after he released it.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    It does look great! And the top bar I think he's referring to is the black(gray) bar at the very top, it seems out of place, or waiting for something to be added to it.

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    Oh yes, of course. I forgot to put the login features in there. Thanks.

    I've been looking at it for so long (been meaning to launch a site with this template for months) that I totally forgot it was there.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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    Its only 10:20am and I've already got over 200 visitors to Only thing I'm lacking now is a steady stream of new proxies.

    I have turned off the backlink requirement for now to encourage some submissions.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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    LOL is on page one for 'proxy sites' already. 400+ visits today.

    Still low on submissions.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    LOL is on page one for 'proxy sites' already. 400+ visits today.

    Still low on submissions.
    I have tried yesterday and today: A proxy from this hostname (UNBLOCKED-XANGA.INFO) has already been added to our database.

    do you share the db with the other proxy site you have?

    Kind regards,

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    When I initially started the site I used the database from proxysites .net

    So if as of a week ago you submitted the proxy there, it will already be in the supply database
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    I have turned on the requirements for proxies so I can start scanning proxies regularly for non working ones. This also makes for a lot less competition on the list, so proxies that are submitted get more traffic.

    I'm sitting at about 500 people per day for the last week, so submit your proxies to see what kind of traffic it drives to you.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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