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    Hey everyone, I have just launched a brand new proxy listing site, I've been getting 200+ visitors a day to my under construction page so I rushed it out the door to satisfy the hungry proxy users.

    I may be changing the template at some point, but that'll be the most of it.

    If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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    Looks cool, but shouldn't the 'Proxy Site' on the homepage appear BENEATH the ad-block instead of at the right of it? Let's hope you'll get a lot of traffic
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm not seeing what you're talking about. The header for the actual proxy list? Can you by chance get a screen shot?

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    Yups, here it is: Sorry Wrong Link

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    |Nico Lawsons

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    That pic is what looks to be adsense earnings.
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    I think he means this

    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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    Thanks. It looked fine in Firefox, but I had never bothered to check it in Opera/Windows/IE/anything other than Firefox in Linux.
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  8. That's an awesome domain man.
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  9. I noticed that the side scraper Adsense ad on the left navigation doesn't show up, you might want to change the ads a bit

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    Yea, that's actually a MSN pubcenter ad code. Not sure why it's not showing up. I figure I'll just wait a couple days and then contact their support.
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