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Thread: re-Launched!

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    Smile re-Launched!

    Hi everyone. has had a few policy changes. I have cleared out all the current proxies so feel free to submit any of our proxies that may have been present before.

    I have disallowed and .tk domains that seem to always seem to push out the quality proxies with essentially spam.

    I have integrated the twitter account so all your submissions to are displayed on the twitter account.

    I have refined portions of the site to ensure a better user experience and hopefully just make it overall better.

    All of these changes will give you an excellent opportunity to get a lot of traffic to your proxies.

    Go to and submit your proxy!

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything at all feel free to ask here or private message me.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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    hmm.. interesting. follow back Aziz Natour (AzizGFX) on Twitter

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    There doesn't appear to be many new tweets yet, if you're relying on the built in twitter post we'll have a long wait I'm afraid. It stopped working when twitter changed the api thing to OAuth. You need to either reprogram it (good luck) or use the rss feed to tweet things. I've just changed to and it works well so far, a lot better than twitterfeed anyway. I miss the traffic from twitter already, it's well down, so it must be used a lot.

    I'll re-submit my proxies when you can tweet them if that's OK I already follow you, follow me back?

    @Aziz: You too?
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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    Ah I was wondering why it wasn't working. And no, I'm not relying on that at all, just an extra benefit.

    The site gets thousands of visitors a day as it is now.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    Well heck, I'm sure the API isn't too complicated. If no one else here has setup the proxy list script to work with the new API I will go ahead and write something up this afternoon.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    I have completed the new OAuth twitter integration and it's working on

    I am rather busy at work today, but I will get the code and integration instructions posted for everyone.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    that's nice site.

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