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Thread: Speedy Proxy will be changing hosts

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    Speedy Proxy will be changing hosts

    Due to the current hassle I have had with TMZHosting I have decided to change web hosts. The reason I am mentioning this is because I will be happy to use peoples affiliates links if we can make a deal.

    On a side note after reading Zash's post I decided to go back and reapply for Adversal. I got in the next day. If you want to be accepted I suggest you start applying now.


  2. #2 is a proxy topsite while all of normal shared hosting such as hostgator will support it well. Just consider them. Or if you want to setup proxies too, choose some cheap vps for that lol

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    For web-based proxies: Try TechEntrance.Com
    For proxy lists: Try HostGator.Com
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yes please change your host, because i never get to open your site, always get 'not found'
    Proxy Sites - Submit your proxy now!

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