Hey guys as you may know I have recently started a new proxy list called SpeedyProxy.info . Some of you may have submitted your websites but the ones who haven't I strongly recommend that you do.

This List has been running for a little over a week now and it has served 4000 hits to 39 proxies.

Of course most of the hits have gone to the highlighted listings at the top of the list.
This is why I am offering 3 members of Netbuilders highlighted listings for their proxy sites for a week during out Weekend Promotion.
Our weekend promotion is the period when I will promoting this list and when you will get the most visitors.

At the end of the week trial I want the three members to post their opinions on the highlighted listings and suggested prices for them. Each member will be receiving either a Red or Green Listing(1 Red and 2 Green)
Only Members who have a high reputation will be chosen for this review.

The weekend Promotion will go ahead in about 24 hours.
I will be accepting suggestions on places to submit and recommendations on proxy blasts that allow proxy lists.