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Thread: Submit to #1 proxy list in France !

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    Submit to #1 proxy list in France !

    Not a joke friends, serveurproxy .net is the number one proxy list in france!
    If you seek such traffic for your proxies or VPN services, please feel free to submit them.
    If you do not know french, you may use google chrome to translate the website (right click > translate to english).
    Good luck !

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    Bonus :
    Super Premium proxies will be also posted to:
    fb page with 300 likes,
    Two yahoo groups with ~400 followers.
    Second tire proxies will be posted to :
    fb page with 300 likes only.

    If you experience difficulties, you may contact me to place your proxy manually.

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    i will try it now ))

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    Quote Originally Posted by banbontcho View Post
    i will try it now ))
    If you experience any difficulties with the language or something else, you can contact me here to add the proxy manually.

  5. This is a nice proxylist with good traffic indeed. Keep it up

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