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Thread: Submit Your Proxies !!

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    There are no red spaces atm. You can pre-order places however it might be some time before your site gets listed...

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    There are now 3 red listings available... If you want to purchase listings for over 3 months please PM me...

  3. buddy, it always remove my sites... saying "temporarily removed due to down time" ... but never add back...

  4. @ ZeoLshash - constantly checks all of the sites on the list, you should check the reliability of your host as that is the only reason why your site has been removed...

    There is now one red listing space, get it while its here!!!

    Ps, If you have any questions about our service, either post here, send me a PM or contact us here.

  5. All red slots have been pre-booked until May, so if you buy a spot please be patient...

  6. Atm I am interested in doing Link exchanges with proxy-related sites (not proxy sites) please PM me if you have a PR3 or 4 site and are interested...

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    Hey Webevader,

    You might want to look in to your backlink checker bot. It doesn't seem to be following 301s correctly.


    In my case non-www is redirected to www. I know your site strips the www off the domain and then must check for the link because I was having trouble submitting a proxy, it kept saying "we can connect but can't find a backlink". I checked my server logs and saw your bot only got as far as the 301, it never made it to my actual page. I temporarily disabled the non-to-www redirect and submission worked fine.

    If your bot is using curl to connect make sure you've got the followlocation and maxredirs defined, example:

    PHP Code:
    curl_setopt($chCURLOPT_MAXREDIRS2); // shouldn't need more than 2 technically 1 for a nonwww to www 301 

  8. @ Dtkguy - Thanks for the heads up... I'll try and get this fixed

    PS. If anyone owns any proxy related site with PR4 or more... Please PM me for a link exchange with

  9. There is now 1 red space available... this has been the first time in months so get it while its there!!!

    Also, there are now no green listings so this is the best time to get a listing as there is no competition on the list!!!

    you can advertise by using this link.

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    There are now 4 red listing spaces! Get them now while they are there....

    FYI, Every proxy that is submitted to the list is sent to over 1,750 subscribers. Because of this I have now disabled the twitter page.

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