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Thread: Submit Your Proxies !!

  1. Hey, I just tried the automatic submitter, it's looking not bad!

    I'll definately be bookmarking it and using it again, even if it isn't 100% working yet it's a major effort saver :P Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

  2. @Codename_B - Yea, its a pretty useful feature. I'm going update it in the next few weeks.

    Also, We have now fixed the problem with our twitter page, so now your proxies will be sent over our twitter page as well!

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    UPDATE: I have decided to block all and .tk proxies from being submitted to due to the number of low quality proxies being submitted over the past months. Hopefully this should drive more traffic to the quality proxies owned by Netbuilders etc..

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    I would just like to say that I have recently update the site with a new template, so if you see any problems pls could you point them out. Thanks!

    Ps. Keep on submitting your proxies!

  5. Our list has under 200 proxy sites listed so this is the best time to submit some more sites....

    Also, please note that we have now removed the forum and have replaced it with a blog which will be most useful for proxy owners in the near future...

  6. From now on, will be accepting proxy lists submitted to the site. So if you want to get a bit more traffic to your proxy lists get submitting!

    Please note, that only working proxy sites and proxy lists will be accepted. Not any other type of proxy related site.

  7. Please note that WebEvader is now WebEvader.COM not WebEvader.ORG... And back links are not necessary during submission.

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