Hey every one, hows it going?

Find Proxy Sites has been online for a while but sadly submissions have dried up quite alot recently and the situation with people removing backlinks has gotten a little bit out of hand which forces me to remove the proxy sites from the site, leaving proxy users with no proxies!

Any way, we have been mirroring the sites content on twitter for a while now and have gathered a following off over 1000 twitterers! or what ever they are called, perhaps tweeters - who cares, they must be proxy users Also someone else is feeding of the site to support his email list with new proxies.

I am about to roll out some more promotion for the main site to try and provide more direct traffic as i suspect this is why the submissions have really dropped (oh and black listing a gazilion sites/adsenseids/etc) becuase the sites "hits" figures look poor.

In short, we would really appreciate your proxy site subbmissions and so would our users!

Also, if any one has some older high PR proxy related sites we might be interested in working something out for a backlink