Dear Fellow NetBuilders,
After several crashes with a few hosts Speedy Proxy is finally back on its feet. We have an all new template that looks attractive and is designed by Proxies Lounge.

Now that I have a reliable host I will be promoting this list again and I expect to have around 300-400 UV every day in the next few weeks.

I am offering to sell my featured listings at over half price.
Position 1: $6 for 1 month (Red)
Position 2: $4.80 for 1 month (Yellow)
Position 3: $3.60 for 1 month (Green)
Position 4-25: $1.80 for 1 month (Green)
Highlighted Listing: $0.50 for 1 Month (Yellow)

Each of the original prices have been reduced by 60%
PM me if you wish to purchase any of these Listings.

For those that buy the featured listings I would appreciate it if you write a review here.

Even if you are not going to purchase a listing you can still submit your proxy and you will receive a decent amount of traffic during the school holidays when the traffic drops a it.