To all proxy owners including Sir Will:

Don't you think it's time to do something against the Co.CC domain flood? I ask so because I hardy get any hits when the Tech-FAQ is flooded, and I guess you experience the same if you are not continually posting new proxies on the Tech-FAQ list.

From the threads I have seen in this forum I got the impression Sir Will is a believer of the free market so I am not going to suggest quotas.
Rather, similar to (CO2) pollution in Western countries, and, of course, traditional goods the right to post on the Tech-FAQ proxy list could be auctioned.

This proposal accounts for Darwinism among the better proxy owners and will stop the script kiddies. The owner of the list, Sir Will, will likely get more money and can do some good with it if he wants. If Tech-FAQ proxy posting cannibalism continues we ALL lose.