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Thread: Atproxy Automated Info Problem

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    Atproxy Automated Info Problem

    Hey guys,

    I am adding a set of proxies to the top of my list a but I can not figure out how to have the hits and age update.

    Is there anyway to do this to manually added is what I have..

    PHP Code:
        <tr class="premium">
    td class="proxy"><div class="proxy"><a href="hits.php?id=11683" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></div></td>

    <td class="hits">5</td>
    td class="time">today</td
    And I was the hits to update automatically, thanks guys!

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    have you tried adding:
            <td class="hits">{hits}</td>
            <td class="time">{time}</td>
    to the tpl file?

    Dunno if it will work though.


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