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Thread: Banned nameserver set on Tech FAQ etc.

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    Banned nameserver set on Tech FAQ etc.


    i can`t submit my proxy projects any longer to Tech FAQ and other proxy lists you own. When trying to submit the URL Proxy Unblocker - Bypass filtering proxies to the toplist I receive the following error message:"That domain is using a nameserver that has been banned". But then I tried to submit my proxy with the URL - Hide your IP, save your privacy and it got successfully approved and published in the toplist even though both domains are using the same nameserver set. I use nameservers of a big german domain hosting provider. I do not think it is a good idea to ban websites by nameserver attributes because you can lock out mass of people from your proxy list projects. The nameservers I use are NS.INWX.DE, NS2.INWX.DE and NS3.INWX.DE.

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  2. Those name servers were not banned accidentally and they were not banned for anyone else's behavior.

    Those name servers were banned because you were DDoS'ing our server with fake calls to hits.php in order to cheat the system and get your proxies listed on the "Popular Proxies" and "Top Proxies" pages of our proxy lists.

    You cost me a great deal of time and lost revenue with your careless and rude behavior and you caused this forum to become unavailable to every member here.

    The name server ban against stands. The bans on all of your proxies stands. The ban on any proxy containing your AdSense ID stands. The firewall rules dropping traffic from all of the IP addresses you were using the DDoS our server stand.

    You need to spend a lot more time learning how to behave properly before you're going to be allowed to benefit from our listings again.

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    I have never cheated in any of your proxy lists. Do you really think I would then come into your forum and ask why i can not submit my projects any longer? Have you ever thought about that there are proxy owners out there that DDoS your toplists to kick competitors with pseudo cheat calls out of proxy business?

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    Lol you can't deny the claim in one sentance, and then attempt to justify it in another.

    There's plenty of other sites out there to abuse. Move along.

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