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Thread: competition or .... ???

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    competition or .... ???

    whats wrong with top bits
    This competition is high or topbits visitor begins to decline, my income dropped dramatically hahaha

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    The amount of submissions might have become even worse than a month ago.. or Tech-Faq/TopBits lost traffic.. Hope it's the first case and not the second one
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Looks like submissions might have increased and traffic may have dropped a bit.

    If you don't like it, it's simple - don't submit!
    Programmer, web developer and entrepreneur.

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    same thing happen to me

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    Tech-Faq/TopBits now lost traffic...littel visitor...i don't now what happen it's...

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    Maybe school admin have been blocking Topbits site...
    My visitor dropped dramatically too

    any idea where the visitor go

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    will , we need you help ... boost the traffic pleaseeeeeeeeee .. hehehe

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    I knew that moving a site to another domain is never a good idea At least in this case, it wasn`t.

    Hope that traffic will increase in future..

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    yeah, the traffice is decreasing significantly ... it cuts 75% of my earning ....
    got a a headache ... hmmm ... hehehe

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    As long as you have the power to smile is not a big problem.

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