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Thread: Hwo to Rotate Proxies and Places to Submit Proxy Lists

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    Hwo to Rotate Proxies and Places to Submit Proxy Lists

    As you can see in the Title I have two questions to ask the Proxy list owners that may have some experience.
    I have had my Proxy list up for a couple of days now and I have noticed that my proxies are not rotating. Is there a script that will allow the proxies to rotate every visit so that each proxy gets a fair share of visits.

    My other quesiton relates to promotion of proxy lists. Web based proxies get submitted to proxy lists while Proxy Lists have no where to submit to. Could owners from large and successful proxy lists share some methods on how to promote new proxy lists.

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    @Question 1: Open /php/currently_active_proxies.php and search for 'descending', change that to 'rand()'.

    It should work, and if it doesn't I'll send you a PM with my code.

    @Question 2: That's a tough one, I'm not sure how many owners will share their secrets -- I won't though.. One of the things you can try is advertising on 'teen' forums And maybe buy some newsletters
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Well I couldn't find the line that held that particular word in it. The only thing that had a line similar to that was this
     $query = "SELECT * FROM submission ORDER BY `hits` DESC;"
    Well you cant expect a expert to give out his secrets but ill use the advice given.

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    $query = "SELECT * FROM submission ORDER BY `hits` DESC;"
    Replace that with:

     $query = "SELECT * FROM submission ORDER BY rand()";

    |Nico Lawsons

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