Many guys want to find a proxy list script, FREE and POWERFUL. However, it's not a easy work. and so do I.

Then, after a long time search and research, I decided to make a proxy list script myself based wordpress and wproxylist plugin.

After two days hard work, I completed my first proxy list script, I call it 9ilog free proxy list .

I modified the wproxylist plugin source code to create a submit porxy page, I seperate original proxy list page into proxy list page and submit proxy age. Now it work fine and look nice.

However, about the proxy list table, it's now very simple but enough I think, maybe I will consider to improve it if my this script is accepted by people.

Ok, Welcome guys who want a proxy list script to visit my script , if you like it, please let me know and nice to submit you proxy site.

and if guys have instereting to create one by self, pls free feel to contact me or leave message, I hope I can help you and share my work.

Good Luck~