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Thread: The Mega Proxy Lists List

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    The Mega Proxy Lists List

    So my aim here is to consolidate all the proxy lists that are out there for proxy owners and proxy users to browse at their will, it's a good idea as a Proxy webmaster to submit your proxy to as many of these lists as possible so that you can get as much traffic as possible to your proxy site which in turn will give you better revenue. Go now and submit your proxy site to all the Proxy lists mentioned below!

    The biggest one out there is the good thing about them is that they send you out traffic for life but that traffic is about ~10 users a day if you are lucky but in the long term it does amount to something big.

    One of the biggest as far as i can see is they send out about ~400 hits to each proxy within the space of around a week or so, it looks quite new but they send out a load of traffic compared to most.

    Proxynova has been here for a little while already and they seem to send out a fair amount of traffic, around ~100 in the space of a week, submit your proxy there now and see how much you can get out from them.

    Not so big or so small but can help boost your traffic, while it may not be by a lot you can get around ~50 hits in a week out of them, while it's not a lot it's essentially free traffic.

    Again same as the above it's not so big but they do send out traffic, can get you around ~70 odd hits in a week, well worth it as it's completely free proxy traffic.

    A smaller one now but don't frown as the traffic you get from it is long term, will provide you with about ~4 hits a day for life, every little helps

    This list is a bit jam packed with proxies but it's worth getting in for those few extra hits, will provide you with around ~20 hits in the space of a week, it's only a little but all these little things mount up.

    Again a much smaller list it gives off a little bit off traffic, lets hope this website picks up a bit in traffic and it could be a gold mine, don't expect a lot but hope for more than you expect.

    Another proxy list that gives you traffic for life you can expect around ~3 hits a day from them but as said before little things make big things happen and it's worth signing up to get those few extra hits.

    Drum roll for yet another proxy list that gives you hits for life, you can expect around ~5 hits a day from them if you're lucky, get adding to as many lists as possible now!

    This one looks alright, gives you around ~50 hits in the space of a week, jut think now if you've added all the proxy lists so far, thats a good amount of daily traffic already.

    Anyway, i hope you guys have found this list useful and if you find any proxy lists or have one of your own you'd like to submit then please reply to this thread and i will add it below so that any potential proxy webmasters can submit their list to you with ease, good luck to all with their proxy ventures!


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