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Thread: New Attack on the Proxy List: Credit Card Fraud

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    yesterday i submit a proxy, but it did not automatically listed, and i've contacted will and he list my proxy site, how about today will ? do i need to contact you again after submit my proxy to get listed ?

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    oh about payment, my idea is paypal through 2checkout, they r good

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    Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    Hmmm, the more I think about it, if you force the scammer to buy netbucks with the stolen cc to then use to buy the listing, it does force 2-3 extra steps for them to take to use the cards. Most, not all, thieves are lazy so if you added another pre-requisite such as 50 or 100 posts on NB to be able to "buy" netbucks it might reduce the scammage a bit. You could combine the change in policy with opening the list on Top Bits as part of the "rebranding" campaign.
    Then, in parallel you also further promote NetBuilders...
    I like the idea of having a pre-requisite of 100 or so posts on NetBuilders to be able to submit proxies.

    The practice of regular deletion of posts of poor quality will ensure no one is trying to fill NB with fluff to reach the target.

    In spite of this, if users choose to resort to credit card theft and are exposed, they will receive a body blow to their own reputations.

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    Member Verification :: I mean only verified members can buy coupons from TF.

    you can verify by netbuilder to force member to post 100 or more post or verified under other verified member {if abc want to verify and xyz who is verified member and ready to take responsbility of abc then verify abc and if abc do any wrong activity then you can catch xyz for that issue }
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    block spam domains (,, etc.) and stop accepting credit card payments.
    as kovich said, I'm not familiar with the payment system either so I cant help but I think the two quite obvious ideas I mentioned could he helpful, it would also be smart to implement a verification system based of forum posts or recent purchases.
    good luck fixing the problem Will
    regarding paypal alternatives, have you tried google checkout? I never liked paypal and it would be nice to see a new payment processor take over the payment processing service pie.

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    I like the ideas of paying for coupons in Netbucks, having a minimum post count at Netbuilders (Maybe just because I qualify ), and disallowing free domains. I bet that all these fraudsters use and other such free domains. I can't see them bothering to buy domains.
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    Yeah, I don't think you can entirely eliminate the scammers without removing the service unfortunately. The other option I was thinking about was having Will "rent" the list to someone else to assume the risk.

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    Only accept payments from verified accounts. That means there account has to have a verified bank account and a verified home address.
    I remember before my Paypal account wasn't verified I couldn't buy anything online with it. Sites like NewEgg etc would not accept my Paypal.
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    verified proxy owners conception is great. choose some honest proxy owner here in this forum may help to slove those problems. will said that the proxy listing is for visitors but not for proxy owners so less but premium proxies is better than now lots of or similar proxies listed in tech-faq.

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    My idea would be a bit of all of yours (not all but some)

    Step one:
    make sure everyone who submits to your proxy listing site
    is registered here.
    Step Two:
    Make a forced connection between the forum account and the listing account
    otherwise they would not be able to submit.
    Step three:
    they must be on the forum at least 2 weeks or have 50 - 100 posts
    otherwise they will also not be able to submit their proxys.
    Step Four:
    If they commit credit card fraud life ban their account
    and then it takes them around 2 weeks to start again :P

    This will not stop them 100% but will delay them by a long shot
    Just my idea.
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