There's a new risk to The Tech-FAQ Proxy List (soon The TopBits Proxy List) -- credit card fraud.

We are seeing a large amount of credit card fraud being used to purchase both $1 submissions and proxy coupons.

PayPal, of course, refunds the "buyers" payments when they file a dispute. Frankly, I'm tired of responding to the disputes.

The proxy list earns about $800 in submission revenue every month. This isn't worth losing my PayPal account over.

I'm not sure yet what we will do.
  • We may stop accepting PayPal payments. (And what then? Promote only my own proxies?)
  • We may only accept proxies and payments from verified proxy owners. (But how to verify people?)
  • We may only accept payment in NetBucks. (But then the thieves will just buy NetBucks with stolen credit card numbers).

This is going to require some thinking. Anyone have any good ideas?