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What is happening is very normal, the niche is saturated regarding the number of proxy owners and proxies released daily..
I hate to say this, but I think I you need to know about this...

OK, here`s my brutal opinion about CO.CC bans...

Just like affiliate marketing, proxy niche is very cluttered nowadays!
SO MANY (hundreds of people want to taste the water of proxy business EVERYDAY!)
SO MANY new player in proxy business because the entry barrier is very low,
the start up capital is very very small!
Everybody could start up a proxy business just with ZERO CAPITAL!
Yup, I start my proxy business with NOTHING!

I use PHP FREE HOSTING that support UNLIMITED add on domain like this: www.hosting.ladova.com (VERY RECOMMENDED Hosting, Uptime 99%)
and free co.cc domains.
( Disclaimer: This free hosting doesn`t allow proxy script on their free host so maybe if you`re unlucky you could get ban for this, but I wonder why the admin still allow my proxy script there until TODAY!, I think I`m just a lucky bastard, lol...)

BUT, I think this is the main reason why proxy business become saturated:

Because there are also so many "genius" proxy owner out there is very desperate with their Adsense earning so they find that selling Bullshit proxy business ebooks is a way more profitable than doing it!

I hate when a scammer who write e-books out there always BLUFFING about their own result!
Many (I don`t say all ) of the proxy e-book writer out there doesn`t have web proxy business at all!

WTF, are you kidding me?
Yup, that`s the BRUTAL TRUTH you can`t DENY!

So how could they have a VERY BIG Adsense screenshot earning?
The BRUTAL TRUTH is it`s a FAKE!
Yup, NEVER EVER EASILY TRUST other Adsense screenhot earning!

Everybody who knows HTML could easily make a FAKE $1,000/month ADSENSE earning just in 3 seconds using Notepad (you even don`t need sophisticated photo editing software like Photoshop to do this!)
Just take a look at this typical sales letter:
1. Hey dude, look at me, I earn $ 750 just from one proxy/month!
2. Hey moron, look at at my Photoshop (cos I don`t know how to use Notepad ) edited screenshot earning too, I earn $ 1,500 only with just 20 web proxy!

3. You want to be like me, having holiday to Hawai and Paris everyday? Just grab my ebook and then start building your fuckin proxy network!
Let me tell you something you already know...
The BIG GUYS who owns a LARGE PROXY NETWORK never sell e-books!

They never show their earnings to public...
They always keep humble below the radar & also keep their success secrets very very carefully so that NOBODY knows how RICH they are just by doing proxy business!
They are very wise...
They don`t want to make the proxy business saturated!

So banning co.cc and banning proxy business ebook is not a solution!

The solution is DON`T USE the same strategy again and again on those e-book coz every new proxy owner that they must submit their proxy to tech-faq to get hundreds of easy traffic just for one dollar!

Man, I`ve been working in Marketing & Business Development field for the largest IT company in the world for years,
I know what they`re doing,
I know hoe the BIG GUYS play in their playground,
I know how they become #1 and unbeatable in IT Business for years,
I know how they beat every single competitor in their business,
I learn many things about winning the competition in saturated IT business competition...

So I have 2 simple advice for you who are VERY DESPERATE with this co.cc saturated competition:

Don`t submit your proxy to tech-faq anymore (too many script kiddies and newbie proxy owner promote their proxy there! Maybe last year you could generate thousands of traffic form tech-faq, but today I tell you: it`s not worth it anymore for now!

Do you think the BIG GUYS (Privax Network)need to be worry about co.cc submission?
I don`t think so!

Why? Because they already have their OWN MARKET
(they are focusing on IT guys who need anonymizer instead of teenager students who wants to unblock their Myspace!
That`s way they don`t need to afraid of schools admin blocking their IP,
they don`t need to waste their precious time just to create new proxy, launch it, write different content, buying new domains and promoting to toplist every single day! Man, I`ve been there before, it`s sucks!
It`s a very tiring & boring job to do that!
Get a LIFE!

So where the big guys traffic coming from?

Off course the MOST viral & effective marketing is Word of Mouth!
It works man!
Everyone talking about them?
Why? Because they are #1?
Why they become #1?
Because they have an OUTSTANDING service!
They have a very fast dedicated server...
No new proxy owner could beat HideMyAss if they don`t have millions of dollar start up capital!

Word of Mouth marketing spreads like swine flu virus over 162 countries in the world!
And also, the big guys have a very BIG TRAFFIC from advertising, news release,
paid traffic & SEO!

So the second tip is:

I think this is the best long term strategy for you.
My site just succesfully rank #6 on Google.xx.xx for the word "xxx xxx xxxxxxx",
You know what?
I can enjoy hundreds of Unique Visitor per day just from one local Google.xx.xx
(I could multiply it 20 times Google.xx.xx: it means thousands UV/day) just by doing nothing (no need to waste my precious time to submit my proxy here and there, cos Google is my 24 hour salesman! Google works for me and they best thing I don`t need to pay his paycheck at the end of the month! Could you imgine having a very loyal employee like that? ).

SEO is very good to earn FREE QUALITY (and also HIGH CTR) TRAFFIC!

Do I beat Proxy.org & HideMyAss.com?
Picture Speaks Louder Than Words:

You want to DOMINATE Google?

Google AdWords, Toplist Submission, spamming Yahoo Answer & Yahoogroups to generate a bunch of traffic is only for Dummies,
SEO is the REAL solution for Smart Proxy Owner!

Why spend a dime for Adwords if you could rank #1 for FREE?

If you don`t know anything about SEO, you could also use my low-cost SEO service if you want to, I found myself that`s it is more profitable doing SEO business than proxy busines...

Just PM me for further details...

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