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Thread: No New Tweets From AtProxy Powered Scripts :(

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    No New Tweets From AtProxy Powered Scripts :(

    I haven't seen any new tweets on twitter from the atproxy script powered lists, they all appeared to stop between 15-18 hours ago, what a bummer

    I had an email from twitter, as I'm sure most account holders did, to say they were changing the api thing from Aug 31st, I only started getting these emails last late last night (and some more today, multiple twitter accs.), it's a bit long so I'll put it at the bottom of this post. Some more notice would've been nice.

    I wondered why I'd not seen any new proxy listings tweeted recently and this could be why I guess. I use a different system, twitterfeed (uses rss feed), as I don't have built in auto tweets on my proxy list (proxycoder) but it's very slow and can take hours to post new submissions as well as only posting one when there's been several added. Not the best but it works, just, even now.

    I miss my tweeted proxies and I'm sure a lot of people do, I get quite a lot of traffic from tweets too and that's dropped lately.

    Will there be a solution for the atproxy script, soon, pretty please. A lot of people use it.

    A solution is needed urgently, if anyone has any ideas or fixes then please post. Proxy season is upon us and traffic will be well down else, mine is already (UK kids started back today).

    I had a quick look at OAuth and it didn't make any sense, damn it, I wish I was clever.


    Hi @TopProxyList,
    Over the coming weeks, we will be making two important updates that will impact how you interact with Twitter applications. We are sending this notice to all Twitter users to make sure you are aware of these changes.
    What are applications?
    There are over 250,000 applications built using the Twitter API. To use most applications, you first authorize the application to access your Twitter account, after which you can use it to read and post Tweets, discover new users and more. Applications come in many varieties, including desktop applications like TweetDeck, Seesmic, or EchoFon, websites such as TweetMeme, fflick, or Topsy, or mobile applications such as Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Blackberry, or Foursquare.
    Update 1: New authorization rules for applications
    Starting August 31, all applications will be required to use “OAuth” to access your Twitter account.
    What's OAuth? 
    • OAuth is a technology that enables applications to access Twitter on your behalf with your approval without asking you directly for your password.
    • Desktop and mobile applications may still ask for your password once, but after that request, they are required to use OAuth in order to access your timeline or allow you to tweet.
    What does this mean for me?
    • Applications are no longer allowed to store your password.
    • If you change your password, the applications will continue to work.
    • Some applications you have been using may require you to reauthorize them or may stop functioning at the time of this change.
    • All applications you have authorized will be listed at
    • You can revoke access to any application at any time from the list.
    Update 2: URL wrapping In the coming weeks, we will be expanding the roll-out of our link wrapping service, which wraps links in Tweets with a new, simplified link. Wrapped links are displayed in a way that is easier to read, with the actual domain and part of the URL showing, so that you know what you are clicking on. When you click on a wrapped link, your request will pass through the Twitter service to check if the destination site is known to contain malware, and we then will forward you on to the destination URL. All of that should happen in an instant. You will start seeing these links on certain accounts that have opted-in to the service; we expect to roll this out to all users by the end of the year. When this happens, all links shared on or third-party apps will be wrapped with a URL. What does this mean for me? Thanks for reading this important update. Come and check what's new at Thanks, The Twitter Team
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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    I have updated TopBits to get Twitter working again. I will need some more time to get distribution ready of the script and docs of how to set it up.
    Programmer, web developer and entrepreneur.

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