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Thread: Please ban domains!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szise View Post is very similar to .info, from one point of view, with both people can spam, 0,79 $ at Godaddy, so both should not be allowed.
    Don't forget - Icann fees .18$.

    Even 1$ cost/domain will deter some people from releasing loads of proxies (perfect clones of each other) in a day and hogging the major proxy lists. (Isn't that a good thing?)

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    Ok, add the ICANN fees too.

    I don't know... there is a fee for all, anything else is a matter of personal choice, some can use or any other free hosts allowing proxies, others can buy expensive servers or .pl domains instead of .info for example. From another point of view anyone could use free so no one should feel discriminated.

    As i said i believe the guy using them has many free coupons, even 1$ per proxy is not so chep to submit 5-10 proxies and make few $ in return. He is doing all for free. Without the hosting fees is 100 % profit for him i think. IMO

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    Free and cheap are two different things !
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    I think all from same person, who is creating and posting to techfaq in every hour.
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    Man you know it's kinda funny cos I don't even think he is getting his returns back !

    Just look at the list now.

    3 info's and rest's !
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    As of right now the entire first page of 'new proxies' is flooded with's. Save your money, it's not even worth it to submit to Tech-Faq anymore. The list should be named after the greedy spammer.

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    Hopefully this flood is only because sensible proxy owners don't want to pay for TLDs during the summer, but still, the will only increase during proxy season, lowering our exposure and in the end traffic ever more.

    Co.CC should really either be banned or charged extra.
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    Has anyone noticed that alllllll of the's are forwarded to WebHide Network

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    CO.CC - Free Domain name registration + Free DNS service.

    10$ Donation and he's all excited.

    LoL some UK guy.. Am sure he's reading all of these
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    Oh, God! LOL

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