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Thread: point proxy script

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    point proxy script

    can anyone tell me the person selling script on is legal ?

    cause is owned by someone is US and by someone in China

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    I'm thinking that it's legit, but hey you can never be too sure what's legal these days. It's only $15, just try it out. I doubt anyone will chase after you if you buy it. (Of course it never hurts to have an escape plan ready and a one way plane ticket to mexico stashed away underneath the floor boards or in some other secret location, you know.. just in case.. ).

    In my emails with the guy who was selling it here, he signed off as zabs. Whoever runs uses zabs in his email address and links to as the demo. I think it was setup just like that when I bought it too.

    Probably wouldn't hurt to email him at the email address linked to and ask for more information and see what he says about your concerns.

    .. and I think this support forum is meant for Will's proxy lists though, not for other people's.

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    The demo template that you see on don't come with it. the template it comes with are not that nice looking. The script it self is not that bad.

    Its the same paypal email when it use to be

  4. Hi guys, after a long time Im back with the same script (updated some security bugs). Its renamed to "ZilZil Proxy"
    The site itself is a demo of the script. Visit for demo.

    Sorry to inform you that PointProxy was down for last some months due to some technical issues. Now we are back into action. Script Price is just $14.99 now.

    To boost our business, we are providing many discounts now. You may use Promo Code 'reback' for additional $2 discount. Hurry, its a time limited offer.

    Click Here to Buy the Script.

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    I bought the script from zeolshah. but never received!!!!

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