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Thread: Proxies get deleted

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    Proxies get deleted

    Proxies submitted yesterday are no longer on the proxy list. You can see the missing proxies on your twitter feed. I have noticed this happened several times in recent weeks. On some days, the previous day's proxies just disappeared. Please check your script for bugs. This has happened enough times to be really annoying.

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    Just an fyi... the guys that run that only check in here occasionally, and that proxy list is not under the same ownership as the forum anymore. Leaving a note here is a good idea, but you'll want to be patient, I don't know how often they check in.
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    There's a few small points to consider. Firstly you don't say what proxy list(s), there are quite a few that use the same script but owned by different people so being more specific might help to identify the owner/operator. Another thing to consider is that most lists are automatic listing so appear as soon as they are submitted. Some lists check submissions for terms compliance and others check afterwards on a regular bases either manually or via cron jobs, so it could be that you can list but they get dropped after checking.

    I ran several lists and some people insist on posting sites that don't comply with listing requirements or are changed after submission, I'm not saying you do this but it happens and is very annoying and time consuming for list owners. It might also be a good idea to post the proxies (just one or two would do) so we can see if they have other 'issues', it would help in sorting the problem, live links aren't needed but something just to give an idea of the url could assist diagnosis.

    You could even start your own list, there are free ones available or the scripts can be bought for a few dollars, I'd recommend the xrvel/proxynoid one as it's a good place to start and it's free. You will have a job to get the 'atproxy list' type script though as it's never been widely distributed, only given to a few beta testers, and the developers don't come here so often now and no new updates have been made for some time. There are many dozens of sites using it but only a select few owners.

    More info would be welcome though to assist in any problem solving. You can even PM me if you don't want to post here.
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