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Thread: ProxyEN Support - Free web proxy lists

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    ProxyEN Support - Free web proxy lists

    ProxyEN is one of the latest players in the proxy list market with it's revolutionary technology to deliver the end user with real fresh proxies, unique IP proxies, no link hijacking with our cron security check and much more!

    We are a new player and we have been developing our platform for the past 6 months to ensure what we provide is quality proxies with individual categories. We have 4 categories which are "Unblock Proxy List", "Youtube Proxy List", Anonymous Proxy List" & "SSL Proxy List" You can submit your site to any category once per day, what that means (depending on our settings) you can submit your site once every 24 hours to get maximum exposure to our end users.

    Why should you use proxies from us?
    We ensure that all the proxies that are submitted to us go through a few checks before they are allowed to be put on the list, for example we ensure that the proxy has a unique IP address which has not been used b any other proxy on the list in the past 24 hours, that saves you going through loads of duplicate proxies which are all on the same page. We also try out best to protect you with our malware checker, online checker and speed checker to make sure that the site you are going to is in fact secure and free from malware but we would still recommend having an antivirus installed on your PC. We make sure you enjoy using our proxies and we ensure we only accept quality proxies.

    Why should you submit your proxies to us?
    First of all it's a free submission, you create an account and once you have an account you can easily submit proxies whenever you feel like it. We have a massive online advertising campaign which will start on the 21st of February which will promote the entire list and every single category. We have an extremely fast support system which will solve all your problems in a timely manner and we make sure you are always happy with the end result. We try to make sure the list does not get overcrowded and everyone gets their fair bit of exposure.

    Paid Listings: OFF

    Submission Domain Check: ON - 24 Hours

    Submission IP Check: ON - 24 Hours

    Backlink Check: OFF

    Queue Moderation: ON

    Security Checks: ON - Cron T-15M
    Online check
    Refresh check
    Redirect check
    malware check
    speed check

    Home - ProxyEN

    Please enjoy using ProxyEN and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask in this thread.

    Please resend yourself the verification email if you receive none:
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    2199 unique users sent out to various proxies in the past 7 days!

    Very few submissions so you're looking at getting around ~300 user sent to you for free!

  3. #3 you have to wait to get to the proxy?
    Don't have a wait if you go to my proxy list.
    Or about a thousand others out there.

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    And what is your point? Did you not think there might be a reason i did it this way?

    Unless you are a proxy owner and have questions regarding your proxy and my list then please do not create pointless drama.

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