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Thread: Submitting free domains

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zash View Post
    I prefer NameCheap though cause it has less horror stories, it's interface it's better, and for that extra $2 you get free SSL and WHOISGuard.
    Agreed, I use NameCheap for all my real domains and GoDaddy for my throwaway (as in not gonna renew after the year) proxies. GoDaddy throws in free whoisprotect too with bulk purchases of 5 or more domains. So for throwaway .info proxies it's a good source. Ex, 10 .info domains with whoisprotect for $9.70, can't beat that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glypus View Post
    I'd rather buy 10 .info domains with that 10$ instead.
    True, but after my 200 .info's are finished, I'm going to check if the market really works
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I never really got the Nascar + leather clothes + Domains with Godaddy image. Doesn't make any sense.
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