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    Hi Will and others...

    Well I have a suggestion.. I see many proxies, having a backlink to tech-faq -> submit their site -> remove their backlink...

    I think this is not fair, so what you should do (if possible), make a cron job visiting the page again after 30 minutes to check if the backlink is still there + if the proxy is still online and not on a parked domain...

    If this would be possible, our proxies would get much more traffic than those non-working sucky proxies

    I mean... this may not become a second with 95% non-working proxies


  2. Right now, we have a backlink check script that runs whenever I press the button to make it run.

    Nathan is working on a new script which runs in the background as a cron job and will perform the backlink check.
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    Thanks, looks good
    Should be a big load probably, to check ALL sites


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